Install UnrealIRCD Server on CentOS

In this article we will install UnrealIRCd on a CentOS 7 machine. UnrealIRC is the most popular IRC server. It is written in C and it is open source.

User Setup

Install required libraries

Download and Compile UnrealIRCd Server

Switch to the ircd user and go to its $HOME

Download and extract UnrealIRCd.

Start the configuration process. It is safe to leave everything to default. However take your time during the process to get accustomed to configuration options. To navigate over the initial release notes press ENTER.

Finally we can start the compilation process.

Prepare configuration files

Copy the example configuration and make sure to read it all and configure accordingly to your likings. While you can set most of the settings as offered by default, make sure to define the IRC Operator in the oper section. The configuration is validated at runtime and validation messages are very helpful to troubleshoot configuration issues.

Finally create RULES and MOTD files.

Start the server and Enjoy!

That’s all folks!