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Grand Canyon

IT is my work and my passion. I have been dealing with software and systems for over 20 years.

Currently, I am the Lead Architect of an exciting IaaS product and I work across the full software and system stack. I strongly believe on the adoption of Cloud Native technologies and modern development methodologies focusing on automation such as DevOps.

As an architect and software developer, I believe in simple and lean solutions. Quality of code should only lead to quick and constant delivery of new features, and not to over-engineering that brings no value to the business. To be able to come up with simple solutions, I invest time into research. This is fundamental to know what tools are available out there and avoids the creation of custom solutions, which tends to be inferior and costly to maintain.

In addition to research, prototyping and system design, I enjoy coaching and mentoring. I am an innate team player and I am equally able to give my best within a team both as a member as well as a lead.

I dedicate a considerable portion of my free time to learn new languages and technologies and to support the open source community even by providing articles and tutorials on my personal blog and YouTube channel.

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