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I do my best to delivery high quality content on Software Architecture, Leadership and beyond in the form of educational YouTube videos, blog posts and a newsletter.

You can help me produce more of this content by sponsoring a newsletter issue or video to cover some of the financial costs which include infrastructural costs, software licenses and video production hardware.

Sponsoring a newsletter issue will only cost you only $50. I am still building my audience and I have no opening rates to share.

Promoting a YouTube video will cost you $100 which is extremely good value if you consider my content is evergreen and tends to grow in popularity over time thanks to the YouTube Search functionality.

These are the current statistics for my YouTube channel:

Subscribers 7800
Daily Views 500 - 800
Top Video Views 30,000
Average Video Views 3,500
Reach 44.4% YouTube Search / 18.2% External / 14.7% Suggested Videos
Average Percentage Viewed 35-43%