Immutable Kubernetes Pods

Immutable Kubernetes Pods are absolutely necessary if you are deploying your applications in a containerized environments and you want them to be secure. Despite this, most developers and teams do not use immutable pods. In this tutorial, I will explain in a simple manner what they are and why they are important. We will also … Read more

Install and Learn Kubernetes in 10 minutes

In this tutorial, I will show you how to install and learn the basics of Kubernetes in just 10 minutes. We will be using a super-lightweight certified distribution of Kubernetes: MicroK8s by Canonical. This distribution requires very little resources and can run on Linux, Windows and macOS. For the purpose of this tutorial, I will … Read more

Kubernetes CKAD CKA CKS Certification Exam Tips

Kubernetes is hands down the most disruptive technology that we have seen in the IT industry in recent years. It is loved by software developers, operators, and business owners. It is pure expression of what DevOps means from a technical perspective. Holding a Kubernetes certification is something I strongly advice to any serious IT practitioner. … Read more

Configure microk8s NGINX Ingress

This is a very simple and short tutorial which helps you configure your NGINX Ingress on microk8s. A common use case is enabling the use-forwarded-headers flag so that NGINX passes incoming X-Forwarded-* headers to upstreams. Verify Addon Presence Let’s verify that the our ingress addon is enabled and running with the following commands. We wait … Read more

Easy centralized logging on Kubernetes with Grafana Loki

Centralized Log Management is an essential solution for modern software development, especially when utilizing cloud native technologies. In Kubernetes, your application runs in pods which are relatively ephemeral i.e., disposable entities. Trailing the logs of pods is simply a nightmare and in general a very bad idea. A better approach is to persist all logs … Read more

Expose TCP and UDP services with the Kubernetes Nginx Ingress Controller

This tutorial will show how to expose TCP or UDP services running in your Kubernetes cluster such as MySQL or any other database with the Nginx Ingress Controller. As you may know, the Kubernetes Ingress caters exclusively for HTTP and HTTPS traffic. If you want to expose other kind of services, you would need to … Read more

Install Nginx Ingress Controller on Kubernetes and MicroK8s

Nginx is the most popular Ingress Controller with Kubernetes. We find it in many Kubernetes distributions enabled by default. In this post, I will show you install and configure the Nginx Ingress Controller in few steps. Existent Installation Check Before going ahead and installing the Nginx Ingress Controller, we verify if it is already running … Read more

Easiest Kubernetes Install ever! Certified Kubernetes with just one command line

Kubernetes has a fairly complex architecture. For years, developers and operators shied away from trying it out because of its complex installation. Its popularity pushed the community to find ways to simplify this process and tools like kubeadm were created. However, even kubeadm is not straightforward for most. Today I will show you the simplest … Read more

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